Domestic and purebred, such as Siamese, Sphynx, Persian, Maine Coon, Bengal and other gorgeous or cartoon-cute ones, they always attract attention and tenderness. Even videos and photos with cats always gain lots of views, likes and comments. The soft and playful nature of this animal is not the only reason why getting a cat is a wonderful idea. Let’s consider other good reasons proven by scientific evidence.

Better acquired immunity and prevention of allergies

Pet exposure enhances the human immune system in fight against respiratory diseases. Providing you are not allergic to cats, your soft friend will help you better resist other sensitizers or asthma triggers.

Benefit for the cardiovascular system

When your fluffy friend meets you at home in the evening and then murmurs on your lap, your daily stress levels decrease. Therefore, your heart and vessels get a chance for recovery and reinforcement.

Benefit for the muscolusceletal system

It may surprise you, but a cat’s murmur contributes to the strength of your muscles, bones and joints. Cats’ murmurs are sounds within the range of 20 to 140 Hz. Sound frequencies of 18 to 35 Hz improve joint and muscle mobility after injuries or inflammations. Such sounds also prevent muscle atrophy, according to scientists.

Better mental health

The UK’s Cats Protection Company conducted a survey several years ago, in which it proved that owners of cats are less prone to mental disorders. 87% of respondents who had cats asserted that their cats positively influenced their mental condition.

Sound sleep

Surveys among patients suffering from sleep disorders evidence that a cat’s presence beside the owner in bed or nearby contributes to a deeper and faster repose. So cats may safely substitute sedatives, most of cat owners say.

Better social interaction

This aspect mostly concerns kids. In particular, even kids with autism acquire sociability better in presence of any pet. Actually, not only autists, but persons who are too reserved and withdrawn improve interactive skills in presence of such friendly fluffy creatures.

If your are single, you will attract more affection

Both females and males prefer more caring partners. The presence of a pet means more care and responsibility.

If a person remains single, the pet helps organize the routine and relieves the feeling of loneliness.