Donald Watson (1910-2005) was the first one to create “The vegan society” in England in 1944. He called a meeting with a few non-dairy vegetarians to discuss the diets. Eventually they have come up with the term ‘vegan’ consisted of the beginning and the end of the word ‘vegetarian’.

There are two types of veganism:

– Plant based vegan – consuming raw or cooked plant based foods avoiding the processed ones.

– Raw vegan – consuming raw plant based foods not heated above 45 degrees Celsius. The foods can be dehydrated with the help of special equipment called the dehydrator.

Diets and their influence. The advantages of vegan diet.

Many people start thinking about the diets when they want to change something in themselves. This is why the word ‘diet’ is largely linked to the look. At some point the veganism is considered to be the same. Unarguable fact is that vegans have better looking skin without making any efforts.

Vegans have very good digestion as well because their diet includes a lot of fiber: fruits, vegetables and different types of grains. This is why the digestion is quicker comparing with the people who stick to the usual diet.

Few tips on how to become vegan.

The most important rule is that you don’t just avoid meat, dairy, fish, eggs, but replace it.

First of all you should consider stopping to consumption of unhealthy foods: fast food, processed food, crisps, and fizzy drinks. Replace it with the healthy home made food. And start to reduce slowly the amount of meat. If the body can’t handle it you can still continue to eat poultry for a while. Try to include plant alternative of meat – pulses. There are a lot of types of pulses like beans, green peas, lentils, mung beans and many more.

Second step – decrease and slowly stop the consumption of fish and seafood. Nuts are the alternative for the oily fish. Make sure you always have a stock of cashews, almonds, peanuts, different types of seeds. Those are the sources of healthy fats.

Third step – decrease and slowly stop consuming eggs and dairy. This step can be quite hard as there are a lot of foods containing eggs or dairy or both. The good replacement for dairy is nut milks, soya cheese and tofu.

And finally there is one small step left – to find delicious vegan recipes and to enjoy.