Any sound parent wants to treat their kids with tasty but still healthy meals. In particular, one of our concerns is to integrate vegs, leafy greens, pulses etc. Sometimes it is really a challenge. In this article, we will outline some maneuvers to talk your sons and daughters into useful treats.

Staying at home

1) Build up exciting associations. Collect colors into bright combinations. Shape products into cartoon characters. Compare whole pieces of vegetables with objects of nature. For instance, show a cauliflower or broccoli cluster as a tree, for instance. Display an egg as a sun within a cloud.

2) Experiment with textures, temperatures and methods of cooking. If boiled or raw vegs are disapproved, try them baked or fried. Add sesame seeds, cinnamon, dried bread crumbs.

3) Disguise veggies. For example, make cute snacks. Hide spinach into a sandwich with your kid’s favorite cheese, sausage or ham. Mix up funny salads with preferred ingredients as major components. Bake pies containing your preferred veg stuff within dainty dough. For babies, purees are lifesaving to admix anything nutritious and healthy.

4) With an older child, join into a fun team of cooks. Allow your kids to dirt hands in flour. Greens may be scattered not only into the salad, but also on the table and floor. Children are likely to feel more taste in the ready-made dish.

Eating out

While eating out, prefer dishes with ingredients you wish to incorporate. Draw your kids’ attention to the way of serving and garnishing. Promise them to repeat that at home.

Travel with your little family members. Explore national cuisines full of natural flavors. Definitely they will ask you to reproduce the same at home.