The Hang Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world. It is located in the center of the Vietnamese National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang. This vast subterranean kingdom was discovered in 2009 by British speleologists.

First findings

Hang Son Doong lies in the heart of the dense jungle. It was found by a local farmer who stumbled upon it during a walk.

The first descent of researchers didn’t impress them. Discoverers decided that its size was only 150 meters long and 60 wide. However, its further studying has made a revolution in the field of

One more place to fly on the balloon

Only a part of Hang Son Doong has been inspected. It is really amazing with its size! Some halls are so large that, according to researchers’ descriptions, you can fly on planes and balloons here! And someone says that even a 40-story skyscraper can be built here.

Passages inside the Hang Son Doong are blocked by monolithic rock – the Great Vietnamese Wall. Therefore, to find the path leading to the cave was one of the most difficult tasks of the group. All stones of walls are very slippery and constantly wet. To descend and climb on these porous walls, and even in pitch darkness, you need the most reliable climbing equipment.

Quite interestingly, some parts of the giant cave are so huge that they are covered with dense vegetation everywhere, turning it into a real underground jungle. Snakes, birds, insects, various rodents and even monkeys live here.

Fluvial nature

The cave got its name in honor of a mountain river flowing here to these days. Han Son Doong means “Mountain River Cave” translated from Vietnamese. When the seasonal flood begins, the river becomes huge, and the place where cavers are making their discoveries is completely submerged.

Hurry up to visit this place where the cave pearls scatter in front of you. These rare pearls grow self-consistently. Its composition slightly differs from the pearls that mollusks produce, but it doesn’t have such beautiful pearly glitter. Nevertheless, it is a rare natural phenomenon, so the placer is always a great interest for tourists.