At his or her first workplace, a young person learns how to work, how to behave ethically, how to be adult. Many American adolescents (nearly 80%) finally graduate from college or high school with some job experience. Such teenager gets insights in personal economy, self-funding and self-marketing. Many researches designate this as fruitful transition into adult life.

In fact, major companies welcome young employees, but they set up such serious requirements for them. Employed youngsters have to show strong troubleshooting and interpersonal abilities, they should be stress proof, which is fairly a challenge.

Early jobs are low-paid, but surveys show that the earlier the person starts job experience, the higher revenues he or she will get in future.

From being carefree into being skilled and responsible…

Exposure to challenges can be mitigated through working part-time. The newly-felt autonomy will aid in finding self-identity.


The most wide-spread reason for juveniles to find jobs early is buying desired things. Predominantly, they spend money on clothes, entertainment, car upgrades. Many of them save funds for college and university. Some of them contribute to their families’ budgets.

Early Employment Advantages

Teenage workers anticipate a number of benefits when hunting for job.

It is undisputable that they:

  • gain practice and experience for mindful choice of future career or business;
  • become punctual;
  • acquire skills in budgeting;
  • manage their free time efficiently, with less risks of unlawful behavior;
  • develop networking;
  • become independent.

Possible Disadvantages

In some cases, there may be some adverse consequences of teenage employment. Mostly they arise due to lack of their parents’ support and supervision. Sometimes part-time job takes too much time thus ousting education.

Hardworking adolescents and their parents should beware of:

  • dishonest employers;
  • ignored homework and poor academic achievements;
  • absenteeism;
  • increased fatigue and stress due to constant juggling between classes and work hours.

Early start of adult activities requires, first of all, great internal desire and motivation of the teenager. The young person should enjoy the occupation, whether it is gardening, animation, retail distribution, delivery or catering services, babysitting, fitness training or any other affair. Summer jobs may help avoid many controversies about possible academic problems.