Among these three generations, the present time greatly favors millenials. They quickly get job promotion; they found companies at the age 20, which develop into giants when their founders turn 30. This fact is questioned by baby-boomers and Gen X representatives who believe they deserve more than their millennial rivals.

Strong Points of Both

Wisdom and emotional intelligence are baby-boomers’ areas of strength. Digital intelligence increasingly evolves in millenials. Boomers’ conservatism contrasts to millenials’ flexibility and readiness to changes. Such opposite features can really converge and make any company stronger. But as a matter of fact, these grow into a kind of adversarial competition. Sometimes it even poses a challenge to teams’ sustainability.

Sad Signals from the Reality

The population in developed countries is getting older. It means that more and more people have to struggle with their diminished relevance. The greater part of their lives pertains to the last century. Millenials have lived most of their lives in the presentcentury.

How to be your best self in generation mixes

Team leaders are to bring about the best in people of all ages in a team. But workersshould realize their advantages themselves, namely, the following ones:

Baby-boomers (years of birth 1946-1964) are:

–    well-disciplined;
–    strongly loyal to their jobs;
–    good at team projects, especially where mentorship is needed;
–    they account for the greatest percentage of workaholics.

Gen X people (years of birth 1965-1980) are:

–    prone to become multifunctional specialists;
–    striving to achieve work-life balance;
–    pragmatic;
–    efficient managers in troubleshooting and generating revenues.

Millenials (or Gen Y) (years of birth 1981-1994) are:

–    self-sufficient;
–    ambitious and impatient for promotion;
–    technically savvy;
–    creative.

If each person realizes the benefits for the common affair he/she is able to provide, the results will be outstanding. The best team work is done by X-gens and baby-boomers. On the contrary, independent work of millenials is likely to yield the highest results. Perhaps, this is why millenials love freelance work so much, and perhaps, freelance life is the future of many of them.