Persimmon, also known as kaki and sharon fruit, has become very popular in our fruit bowls. Having sweet and juicy flesh these treats also have a lot of nutritious benefits.

  1. Thanks to the calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium it’s good for the heart and blood vessels, and the glucose nourishes the heart muscle.
  2. Persimmon has 2 times more fiber and microelements than apples. This is why eating persimmon is a good way to improve the intestine functioning. Thanks to pectin the persimmon is suitable dietary fruit recommended for digestion issues.
  3. Persimmon contains a lot of antioxidants which helps to maintain young looking skin and to prevent wrinkles.
  4. The fruit contains vitamins A, C and P which help to resist the flu by improving the immunity. Also good to reduce the risk of blood vessels rupture.
  5. Very good for anemic people as it contains the iron.
  6. Consuming the persimmon reduces the risk of kidney stones formation. All thanks to the manganese.
  7.  he fruit can be as a refreshing remedy, helping to reduce tiredness, calm down the nervous system and increase the productivity.
  8. Persimmon contains also a beta-carotene which is good for eye health. The presence of beta-carotene gives that bright orange color to the fruit.
  9. It can protect the lungs from the inflammation; the carotene helps to restore the dead cells in lungs.
  10. Thanks to the vitamins A and C the persimmon can be used to prevent virus diseases by improving the immunity.
  11. 11.Consuming the persimmon prevents the appearance of grey hair, dark spots on the skin. Persimmon face mask can cleanse the skin, reduce the pores and prevent the appearance of blackheads refreshing the skin at the same time.

Here are some ideas how to use the fruit.

  • Naturally sweet and juicy, fresh persimmon can be used in the salads or as the topping for
    your morning oatmeal with yoghurt.
  • Dried persimmon can be used in bakery.
  • Frozen persimmons can be combined with other fruit for a delicious smoothie.
  • Roasted persimmons are good to use for a healthy desert or with meat or chicken for a unique flavor combination.