Everyone would like to visit Spain, the magnificent country that attracts plenty of people throughout the world. Imagine you are walking through the charming streets, swimming in the sea, enjoying atmosphere of the culture. But each country covers interesting facts which are not known for people.

Enjoying your life and feeling every moment is the most principal motto for Spaniards. The name of Spain originates from the Phoenician “I-spani”, which translates as “the coast of rabbits.” There is a legend that rabbits were the first what the ancient Romans saw when they arrived on the shore. The Roman emperor Servius Galbiy even created a coin which depicted a woman with a little rabbit on her lap.

Officially Spain didn’t participate in the First or the Second World War. It’s also quite informative that the Spanish language underwent strong Arabic influence, inasmuch as more than 4,000 words and phrases stem from it.

The Spaniards are an emotional nation. The smallest and most trivial quarrel may turn into a fracas with bloodshed. 60% of murders are committed in Spain because of jealousy.
The Spaniards have a special attitude to food. They perceive it as a sort of rite and as one of the main pleasures in life. By the way, breakfast at home is for the poor, so from 10 am all the cafes are already overflowing with people. Madrid harbors the oldest restaurant in the world, although many competitors dispute this fact. It was opened in 1725, and the most important dish is roasted milky pig – Cochinillos asado.

Another peculiarity of Spainish lifestyle is festivals. They count around a hundred per year. Here you can run with the bulls, fling tomatoes, and even see how the huge statues of Las Fallas will burn.

Lifespan is also one of features that deserves attention. An average Spaniard’s life expectancy is 85 years.

When New Year is coming, the Spaniards have a tradition called ‘12 grapes’. When the first bell starts ringing on New Year's Eve, the Spaniard eats one grape at each bang. They believe that dreams come true after eating grapes.

So hurry up to visit the theurgical Spain that is breathtaking! Do not forget to go to the bullfight, dance flamenco, visit the signature restaurant!