Many brilliant personalities encounter a phenomenon designated as Imposter Syndrome. It is an inner feeling of fraud, when a person cannot recognize merits attained and praises received. Many of us tend to discard our talents and unique skills. Einstein believed that his work was not worth the highest focus. An experienced and highly qualified accountant, lawyer or web designer may feel embarrassed to ask for an increased salary. This is not an abnormality, and it stems not from low self-esteem. It has clear signs which should be necessarily recognizedand addressed.

Causes and Effects

So why are professional, skilled and talented people prone to diminish their value? And why isn’t there any turning point where this syndrome would vanish? The thing is that the more intelligent the person is, the more he or she tends to analyze, compare, speculate, question and doubt.

As a result, imposter thinking can obstruct careers, opportunities and great revenues. A person hindered by such syndrome may refrain from sharing a brilliant idea or from appealing for a promising job.

How to Address Imposterism

  1. The most proven method to surmount the internal imposter barrier is to speak up. Speaking up about doubts and fears is the right way to get relief. If the interlocutor shares the same in response, it is a chance to get rid of this feeling.
  2. One more way to address this problem is to review positive feedback and acknowledgements.
  3.  Alternatively, it is advisable to keep a record of problems and their causes. Actually, most of reasons for failures are of technical or force majeure nature.This also helps to confirm one’s personal value.
  4. Focus on a well-paid job or project. Avoid bragging. In your message, emphasize what you enjoy in this activity, and what value you can contribute. Determine what inspires you, and you will get you personal value outlined.

In a Nutshell

It follows that first, you should evaluate yourself adequately. Your remuneration does matter, but it stems from your self-respect and self-confidence. Second, claim the value of your contribution based on your correct assessment.

The actual remuneration for your activity will definitely endorse your internal self-esteem. A stable and independent financial condition gained through your talents and work will help you realize and enjoy your potentials.