Magnificent and diverse landscapes, azure seas with fluffy sands, majestic mountain peaks – Eastern Europe will generously present all these to a curious traveler. You will enrich your outlook by plunging into its enormously exciting history. Your curiosity will be newly awaken while watching folk fests and ceremonies.

History Discoveries

Eastern Europe both benefited and suffered from all twists and turns in the global history. It is noteworthy that there is hardly a place untouched by a certain historic event. You feel the breath of the past everywhere.

Crossing one of the bridges in Sarajevo, you realize that it is the place of Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination. In Moscow, you can track the cruelty of tsar Ivan the Terrible’s reign, as, for example, the Place of Execution in Red Square. In the Croatian town of Split, discover the traces of Diocletian’s Palace. In Kyiv, you will feel the pulsing echo of Ukraine’s recent Revolution of Dignity. Bulgarian settlements are abundant with unearthed ancient ruins neighboring with modern systems and designs.

Folk Fests and Cults

Folklore is gently valued and lovingly preserved as a link between the past and present. Cultural life is virtually permeated with religious cults, and Ukraine is the best example.

In Western Ukraine, you will get an unforgettable and totally specific experience by visiting a local rural wedding. You will be wrapped up in folklore while visiting this country on Christmas, Easter or Trinity Sunday. The night of Ivan Kupala should be the spotlight of any summer vacation of a foreigner willing to watch indigenous traditions performed by beautiful young girls.

Insight into Culture

Rich heritage of fine arts, folk songs and ancient architecture will not leave you indifferent. Such destinations as Budapest, Kraków, Prague and Lviv will make the traveler full up with memorable sightseeing. Elegant architecture, solemn palaces, interactive museums and modern art galleries are awaiting you in centers and suburbs, amid urban and countryside landscapes.

You will get wrapped up in classic performances, opera and ballet masterpieces along with joyfully overwhelmed nightlife – everything to choose to your own taste. You will get filled to the brim with excitement with no regrets of the time spent.