From amongst a vast variety of music compositions, sometimes it’s not so easy to identify the genre. The most common genres are 1) ROCK, 2) POP, 3) ELECTRONIC, 4) URBAN, 5) JAZZ, 6) COUNTRY AND 7) CLASSICAL. All other styles of music are really subgenres. If you are curious about music recognition, here are some tips for you. This article outlines 1) ROCK, 2) POP, 3) ELECTRONIC and 4) URBAN music.

Rock Compositions

First, they are usually performed by a rock band, predominantly by male performers. This predetermines the vocal manner – no tenderness, withd gruff voices prevailing. However, such female singing as by Roxette or The Pretty Reckless is fairly remarkable.

In Rock performances, music usually dominates. The main instruments are the bass and solo guitars, percussion instruments.

Pop Songs

They are usually done by solo performers, such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Madonna. Such compositions are easy to remember and repeat, so they sound from everywhere. This music is rather synthetic than live.

During the verses, you usually hear basses. Chorus is often arranged electronically.

Electronic Music

Such music is purely synthetic. Synthetic sounds are mainly produced by the computer with various electronic instruments assisting. These include the electric guitar, theremin, Hammond organ etc. Rhythm is focused, not lyrics.

The outstanding electronic musicians are Duke Dumont, Armin van Buuren, Maceo Plex, and many others adored by you and me).

Urban Subgenres

The so-called urban music is a vast category spanning over various styles or subgenres. Recently it has become peculiar with total or partial rapping. Both music and lyrics are focused in compositions. However the texts often contain vulgarity and bragging to emphasize sex, entertainment and money. The music is made up of vocals, bass lines and drum beats.

The subgenres include rap music, R&B and soul. Recently, urban compositions have been done to fit the radio format. At the top of the world’s urban performance are Rihanna, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Usher, and certainly more of those known by you and me).