Delightful holidays are over. You have to resume work, education and everyday routine. Job duties may seem more tiring. Some colleagues may appear more annoying than they used to be. Every second person feels downhearted after returning from holidays, according to surveys. To cope with your wretched mood, you may use some tricks.

1) Schedule your next recreation.

Visualize your next travel. Pay attention to pleasant details of it. For more persuasion, draw financial basis for your vacation. Build up a logical link between fruitful work and your rest as an award.

2) Replenish your comfort zone with more delightful moments.

When your vacation is coming to an end, project some leisure events. After coming back, arrange them with your family or friends. You might go to the theatre, cinema, and nature picnic. Prove to yourself that you can enjoy staying in your area.

3) Share your impressions.

When speaking about your new experiences, you reproduce their flavor and prolong it. When meeting your friends, family members or colleagues, discuss as much as possible. Tell them what to do and not to do in the area you have travelled to. Improving the recreation of other people, you will upgrade the value of your own vacation joy. While doing so, be tactful in social and financial issues.

4) Strengthen your healthy habits.

After recreation, do more physical exercises. Ensure sufficient sleep for yourself. Both physical exercises and sleep will enhance your resilience. Your temper will become more cheerful.

5) Give rise to beneficial solutions.

Transfer positive tendencies from your rest time into your daily life. Spare time for your family and kids. Exchange your daily impressions. Have meals together more often. Even small dosages are good to ameliorate your life quality.

6) Enrich your home cuisine.

Add products and dishes reminding you about your holidays. Their taste and smell will evoke pleasant reminiscences.

7) Return to work gradually.

Don’t switch to job duties and home chores rapidly. Secure yourself with a transitional period. It may consist of a couple of days. Dedicate this period to planning and sorting out the tasks.

It is noteworthy that the more your job is oppressive, the more depressed you will be when coming back from downtime. That outlines the main priority after vacations. Change something about your existing job to make it less stressful. Alternatively, get inspired to advance into something new, either personally or professionally.