Casino Tricks. When you are in a casino, time is imperceptible – you see no clocks there. Your gambling process is incessant. Interiors are designed with no visible windows – you cannot guess what daypart is now. You get deeply entangled in the game – exits are unreachable for your eyeshot. You hear continuous tumult mostly consisting of music and sounds of slot machines. The casino lighting is very specific. It is dim in whole, yet it is dizzying over the gambling tables.

These are some classical ploys gambling facilities use all over the world. Casinos’ psychological background is well elaborated. It is so much sophisticated that it resembles some secret service’s operation setting. Patrons are supposed to stay, then play and pay.

Fun exposure

You get into the environment of excitement and optimism. It is like a dream home, and you do not want to leave it for the dull routine. The music is changing and mostly fast, with many beats per minute. The more beats per minute, the faster the patron gambles.

You hardly see mirrors. So you are not likely to look at your tired self reminding you that it’s high time to go home.

Beauty exposure

The catering staff greatly consists of attractive young women. Waitresses in revealing outfits enrich the vibrant setting of entertainment.

Winners everywhere

The sound ambience is rich in jackpot celebration signals. Winning patrons seem to be here and there, and you hope to become one of them. You misperceive the percentage of losers, which is tremendous.

Caring catering

The placement of restaurants predetermines you to pass through the entire lounge stuffed with gambling machines. Then you go back and see all of them again. The same is with restroom facilities. You will see many tempting things until you find them.

Once you enter a casino, you may be offered free treats. Moreover, you may also be treated to free alcohol. You are softly wrapped in such overwhelming care, and you feel grateful and obliged.

Cushy floor and dark ceiling

Special carpets full of bright colors and patterns accomplish the vision effect. They evoke the feeling of coziness and vibrance. Combined with the mix of dull and flashing lights, the extremely bright floor and black ceiling create a tremendously specific effect of attraction.

Fresh air

In premium casinos, you will breathe fresh air rather than cigarette smoke. Owing to the state-of-the-art ventilation equipment, the air is like in highlands. It is enriched with oxygen and sometimes even with pheromones.


Actually, these tricks have nothing to do with fraud. The circular floor layout, sound-rich atmosphere, lack of visible exits, clocks and windows are the same as retail stores use. The described gambling climate is a powerful invitation. And only you are to decide whether to accept it or not.