1. Be friendly to yourself

Avoid such tough affirmations as “I must do it anyway”. Take your circumstances into account and be tolerant. Refrain from any tyranny targeted at the regularity of your trainings. Just analyze the reasons why you fail to attend trainings and try to prevent them further. Be a friend for yourself also in choosing exercises. For instance, if you hate running, replace running with the elliptical trainer.

2. Get the best of two worlds

Appoint meetings with your friends in the gym. For this purpose, turn your friends onto fitness or find new acquaintances in the gym if you are a sociable person. You will get an additional impetus: to discuss what you want while your common workout.

3. Get ready in advance

With your fitness bag packed in advance, you will find it more difficult to abandon your fitness plans. With a couple of stylish gym suits bought to perfectly outline your shapes, you will find your way to the gym even through tremendous loads of affairs.

4. Prioritize your workouts among other important things

Schedule your fitness workouts seriously. Your family and job will definitely get your time. Your fitness will get your time only if you take it. After taking care of your body, your mood will improve, and your family will enjoy it with you. So, your scheduled fitness hours (twice or three times per week) should be untouchable.

5. Indulge yourself in a gradual training process

After hard intellectual work or emotional stresses, intensive workouts appear to be enormously difficult. In such condition, make your training easier in the beginning. The trick is that when your muscles are heated, they may signal for more physical activity.

6. Find immediate gifts for continuous process

Abstain from comparing your body shapes with the bodies of others. Instead of external incentives, create your internal ones. Delightful pain in your muscles, the sense of correct lifestyle or relief in emotions should form the impetus, rather than lost weight or built muscles.

7. If a certain sport is futile for you, just change it

It you fail to reach any result over a long time of regular activities, try something else. Don’t get frustrated. Avoid and eradicate any instant conclusions about giving up your training activities.

8. Work out at home – it’s also good!

If a gym is inaccessible for you for any reason, whether geographical, financial or schedule-related, find a good solution in home workouts. Find special videos instructing you on how to train. Select the music that ignites your spirit. Make it your personal entertainment, and you will move more actively with less time limitations. Videos can not only instruct, but motivate you. Video clips showing model athletes will spark your will to gain the result. Dancing performances can modify your exercises and thus make them more enjoyable.