/8 Yoga for Male Sexual Activity

8 Yoga for Male Sexual Activity

Yoga is increasingly popular in the western and eastern worlds. It is beneficial for human health in many aspects. One of the essential aspects affecting the general quality of life is sex. The effect of yoga on the sexual function cannot be overestimated. To prove it, Indian scientists conducted a comprehensive research into the benefit of yoga for men’s sexual health. The investigation took place in a health-
oriented yoga camp based in Mumbai.

The study discovered that after performing yogasanas, males’ sexual power appeared enhanced. Namely, 8 aspects displayed significant amelioration according to the indicative questionnaire accurately measuring them. Complex medical examinations confirmed the questionnaire findings after regular yoga sessions.

1) Sexual desire

Yoga releases emotional stress. It induces active production of hormones. The endocrine glands gradually reach a balance. The mind obtains serenity thus getting free to foretaste intimate sensations.

2) Strengthened confidence

Both the mind and the nervous system become calmer. As a result, the person is more disposed to intimacy. Many yogasanas ignite fantasy when a person feels the body flexibility and resilience.

3) Reinforced erection

This result is obtained owing to activated circulation of blood in the abdominopelvic cavity. The yoga activity tones up the muscles in general.

4) More satisfying intercourse

Yoga enhances activeness and sensuality which are key points to reach mutual initiative. Boosted desire multiplied by confidence gives rise to shared satisfaction.

5) Upgraded performance

Specially selected asanas strengthen the core. Thus, the man’s thrusting ability improves, and his increased control of the pelvis ensures higher performance, sexologists believe.

6) Synchronized interaction between partners

If both partners practice yoga, they build the link with the inside of themselves. It paves the way to feeling the deepest sensations of each other.

7) Controlled ejaculation

As part of general endocrine and muscular normalization, the adrenal glands and testis also get strengthened. Thus, certain yogasanas improve the ejaculation control.

8) High-quality orgasm

Some advanced yogis report experiencing so-called “yogasm” even during exercising. Strengthened pelvic muscles, flexible body and increased blood flow definitely produce stronger orgasmic contractions. The serene mind and normalized hormonal pattern ensure superb background for incomparable experiences.

It is noteworthy, that the men involved in the study were physically healthy. They did not take any drugs during and before the study. The participants had not practiced yoga previously on a regular basis. The age of the involved men ranged from 24 to 60 years. On a daily basis, they performed special asanas targeted at the muscle tone in the abdominal and pelvic regions. The selected exercises are also
considered to contribute to the endocrine, digestion and nervous systems, as well as to the genital glands.

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