Stopped mental development is virtually equal to degradation. The world is getting more sophisticated, the technologies are advancing. Teenagers appear more and more capable in information issues than older generations. It is an apparent challenge for adults to keep the mind updated and to stay competitive. Enhancing the intellect has a range of other bonuses. Smart pursuits curtail mental ageing. According to scientists, intellectual development can even prolong the human life.

In this article, we will outline the main everyday tricks that will level up your mental potential.

    1. Strain your brain.

Start a new occupation which requires mental efforts. Whether you learn a new foreign language, master the IT field or interior design, the brain potential gets reinforced. The resulting information throughput increases.

Without mental activity, neuron appendages called dendrites, which transfer information, shrink or even disappear. Don’t fear “stretching” your brain. It possesses such property as plasticity. New dendrites branch out forming a lot of new routes for data passage.

    2. Read on a daily basis.

Essentially, reading consists in decrypting abstract symbols followed by conversion of them into ideas and images. In contrast to watching and listening, the reading process activates more phenomena in the brain. While reading, you take your time for such processes to occur.

    3. Leave your zone of comfort.

When you reach a balance favorable for you, your brain produces good mood. It may be a short-term purpose, but strategically we need more. The more you transgress your comfort boundaries, the more you rejuvenate your brain. Don’t refrain from new ideas, new pursuits and exciting perspectives, even if they make you feel uncomfortable.

    4. Keep records.

You may start a diary or just make records within your work journal. Anyway, it is your aid in planning and prioritizing. Structured data in the form of personal notes are likely to enhance stress resilience.

    5. Concentrate mindfully.

To improve your concentration, practice meditation. Meditation enlarges the amount of grey matter in the brain areas processing external sensor signals. For high-quality meditation, you need concentration.

To meditate, you may concentrate on your internal processes, such as heartbeat or breath. You may choose an external object for a meditation mini-session, such as fireplace flames, clock hands etc.

    6. Indulge in motion

Physical activity gives impetus to cognitive mechanisms. Enhanced metabolism contributes greatly to brain cell regeneration.

    7. Don’t forget to sleep and relax

Get enough night sleep. Escape for 20 minutes in the afternoon to take your sleep break. While sleeping, you restart your thinking. Renewed thoughts mostly make you free of stress.

In addition, indulge in relaxation with nothing to do at the moment. Such pauses are ultimately useful to prevent burning out. Silence reinforces creative thinking, especially when enjoyed regularly.