Before putting spaghetti into water, make sure the water is bubbling, not simmering! The water should be well salted. Hold the top of your spaghetti bunch and very gradually fold it into the boiling water. Beware of burns! Cover the pan with a lid to make the water boil again quickly. After getting the boiling point, remove the lid and stir your pasta gently. Make your spaghetti perfect also when draining it. Don’t drain all water, leave half a cup or the whole cup of the water with the ready pasta before adding sauce.

Roast Potatoes with Ideal Crunch

At first, partly boil whole potatoes in water for 10 to 15 minutes. The salted water must reach the boiling point before the potatoes are put into it. After that, drain the potatoes through a colander. Cover it with slices of butter or with olive oil, which is a healthier option. Generously season the dish with salt, add pepper or any spices.

Roast the potatoes for half an hour in an oven at a temperature of 190 degrees. You will get the dish light golden. Then slightly press the surface of the half-roast potatoes by using a masher. The crust will be cracked, and that’s enough for you to increase the crust surface when you complete the roasting.

Add your personal “perfume” to the potatoes. It can be dill, rosemary, parsley or whatever you like!


Is deseeding a chilli is challenge? No more from now! Do it not only simply, but with a benefit!

Remove the stalk from the end. Then in the middle of the chilli split it by dragging the knife along the pod. Then scoop out the inside part of the chilli with a teaspoon.
After that you can pack the scooped seeds in a little pouch. What for? You can plant these seeds, or you can dry the whole kernel to use it later when cooking spicy dishes.