We buy things not only owing to necessity. A great share of our shopping is made under the influence of advertising, widespread trends or emotions. Deliberating each purchase, we often come to a conclusion that this expenditure is not so necessary. However, being pressed for time, we often omit thinking it over. The following list of purchases is to assist you in economizing your funds for something more valuable.

1. Bottled water. The myth about 1.5 liters of water per day is widespread. As a matter of fact, we need much less water in normal temperature conditions and without sport workouts. You may take water from home and thus save some of your money.

2. Excess food. Plan carefully the amount of food actually consumed by you and your family. For holidays, make up a menu conventional for your company of guests and follow it. Avoid turning food products into rubbish.

3. Uncomfortable clothes or shoes. Even the best-looking outfits may be uncomfortable. Try not to get tempted into an impressive look sacrificing your comfort. Don’t compromise your size either, even for a discount. Look for clothes and footwear which have nice appearance and make you feel confident and cozy at the same time. In such manner, you will activate your entire wardrobe without unnecessary expenses.

4. Upmarket items. Such attributes as expensive watches, last models of iphones and golden cards of deluxe restaurants are status markers. They should signify your actual status instead of strapping you for money. Don’t let status indicators impede your sustainable financial development.

5. Souvenirs. Avoid extra spending on souvenirs which have no practical application. They mostly end up annoying their owner or ultimately on eBay. The most unwanted gifts are figurines, decorative toys, books and festive candles.

6. Plastic shopping bags. When buying them with every supermarket purchase, you considerably increment your annual shopping budget. Use reusable variants, such as eco friendly fabric bags and take them with you every time.

7. Premiers or 3D versions of films in the cinema. Actually, cinema novelties become cheaper in less than a week after the launch. 2D versions are less expensive, and you will enjoy them as well, if the film is worth watching.

8. Outdated mobile tariffs. Enquire about new tariff plans and update them from time to time. Thus you will avoid excess expenditure on mobile communications.

9. Gaming applications. Most of mobile game apps require investment from time to time. You need new lives, new game attributes, game updates and so on. Abstain from such temptation and think about more serious ways to invest your money.

10. Fines and penalties. Sometimes they appear inevitable and ubiquitous. But your self-discipline while driving, parking or timely payment of bills will eliminate this kind of expenditure.

11. Consumer credits. Instalment plans often contain hidden interest. You really can economize your money by accumulating it for the purchase instead of deferred payment.