Red Planet Reveals its Fascinating Lake

One of the ESA’s probes traveling along the orbit around Mars has taken a majestic photo featuring an ice lake. Water has been known to be present on the Red [...]

Chemical Ingredients of Happiness

Happiness is inside us. Our brain cells can secrete substances bringing the feeling of joy and delight about. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin are antidepressant constituents that make us happy. [...]

The Hang Son Doong Cave

The Hang Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world. It is located in the center of the Vietnamese National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang. This vast subterranean kingdom [...]

Why it is Good to Get a Cat

Domestic and purebred, such as Siamese, Sphynx, Persian, Maine Coon, Bengal and other gorgeous or cartoon-cute ones, they always attract attention and tenderness. Even videos and photos with cats always [...]

Where to Catch Pikes and How to Bait Them

Locality. Pikes quite comfortably survive an unfavourable oxygen regimen in water bodies. Thanks to endurance, this fish is found in all kinds of rivers, lakes, water-storage reservoirs and ponds. Pikes [...]

How to Catch a Pike?

I have already been going for fishing for a very long time. I prefer catching such predatory fish as the pike. Catching pikes is a very absorbing, spectacular and gambling [...]

Buy Less Clothes and… Save the Globe?

What is wrong with mass market or consumerism? Why should we resist advertising and restrain shopping? What is upcycling, and why is it beneficial for the environment? What to do [...]

Muscles Gained and Fat Burnt. Is It Possible?

Basically, burning fat is incompatible with muscle gaining. Our body is badly responsive to such two things done simultaneously. It is counterproductive to combine weight trainings with physical endurance or [...]

Nutritious facts about persimmon fruit

Persimmon, also known as kaki and sharon fruit, has become very popular in our fruit bowls. Having sweet and juicy flesh these treats also have a lot of nutritious benefits. [...]

How to raise multilingual kids

Knowing few languages can be beneficial not only for a person but also for a community. Bilingualism has many positive aspects that the families with two or more languages can’t [...]

Interesting facts about Spain

Everyone would like to visit Spain, the magnificent country that attracts plenty of people throughout the world. Imagine you are walking through the charming streets, swimming in the sea, enjoying [...]

7 Useful Habits to Level Up your Brain Capacity

Stopped mental development is virtually equal to degradation. The world is getting more sophisticated, the technologies are advancing. Teenagers appear more and more capable in information issues than older generations. [...]

Tips to Manage Cholesterol Levels

Every cell of the human body contains cholesterol. This waxy substance contributes to such essential functions as: 1) Reinforcement of cell walls; 2) Vitamin D synthesis; 3) Production of hormones, [...]

Save Your Money

We buy things not only owing to necessity. A great share of our shopping is made under the influence of advertising, widespread trends or emotions. Deliberating each purchase, we often [...]